Lessons from an Article

The advantages of being anti-social

One of my facebook friends posted this article and I have been reading it nearly everyday. The advice really resonated with me, particularly the third lesson about being anti-social. I’m not sure what it is, lately, but I’ve been very anti-social. I really loved college, the opportunity to branch out and meet new people, but now it’s almost as if I have a college-hangover. I would consider myself more introverted than extroverted, but introversion makes it hard to make friends in college. Therefore, I feel as though I have reached my out-going limits. This article really helped me to see that what I am feeling at the moment is okay. I don’t have to go out every time I am asked. My creative genius is waiting to come out, but I have to give it the proper attention right now.

The FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling has definitely been a factor in my life. I hated going to bed when I was little because of it. Around Halloween time this year, my roommate invited me to a party and even though I really didn’t want to go, I did because I didn’t want to miss out. I went… and I hated it. I got really irritated really quickly and left about 10 minutes after arriving. It wasn’t that that scene in and of itself made me uncomfortable, it was that I was not in the correct mind frame for such an occasion, but I forced myself to go anyway.

I’ve found that listening to this intuitive feeling is extremely important, and intuition is a big part of starting a business. I’ve been learning that I have to listen to my gut not only with regard to being extroverted, but also with designs. I’ve looked on Pinterest.com and Etsy.com for inspiration on my designs, but sometimes it makes me feel nervous about my own. The bottom line is, though, that I like my designs and it brings me joy. As soon as I start worrying about whether they are good enough, I lose that intuitive sense of design that I have. Besides, as the article says earlier, my opinion of my work is all that matters. Although I want others to like them so that I can sell them, that shouldn’t be my main focus.


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