Poverty’s Complexities


Poverty is a very complex issue and that is what makes it difficult to combat. For that reason, I am writing this post to quickly address what the issues surrounding poverty may include so that if I talk about these sub-issue later on, it is understood in that these are not coming from left-field, but are relevant to the topic of global poverty. The problematic issues include:

  • Agricultural Subsidies
  • Globalization
  • Gender-Inequality
  • Corruption
  • Racism
  • Zero-Sum Game/Fallacy
  • Education
  • Health -Venereal Diseases, Malaria, Obstetric Fistulas, etc
  • Ecological Health
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Food Scarcity/Surplus
  • Hierarchy
  • Charity
  • Foreign Aid

And of course a few solution-oriented (and slightly less tangible) issues that I’ve touched on already in this blog:

  • Ingenuity
  • Creativity
  • Risk
  • Choice
  • Freedom (from and to)
  • Cooperation
  • Compassion

For more information on the problems surrounding the issue of poverty (and ideas on how they can be solved) I recommend checking out this website: http://www.povertycure.org/issues/ and/or watching the DVD series: “Poverty Cure.”

Poverty Cure was created by the Acton Institute -an economic think-tank in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This campaign conducted a solution-oriented look at global poverty and empowers not only those who are impoverished, but also those who may not be and are concerned about poverty. In the words of my friend Matthea who worked on the project: “It makes you feel proud to be a human!”


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