Today (July 12) is Malala Day

When people think of role models, they usually think of those who are older, who have lived long enough to have gained some amount of wisdom about the life that we are all living together. Rarely does a 16-year-old girl come to mind, but when one watches the video footage of Malala giving her speech eloquently, calmly, and passionately to the United Nations, one can hardly keep from admiring her.

Growing up in The West, I can’t count how many times a minor infraction can lead to much anger from myself and others during the day. A sloppy parking job, cutting in line, or even indecisiveness on someone else’s part can make another person fume for several minutes, or even hours.

Grace is nonexistent in those scenarios, and yet one can find it abound in this 16-year-old girl who has been shot in the head for simply trying to go to school. In fact, instead of reverting to anger, she draws upon the strength and wisdom of some of the most peaceful people to have walked on this planet–Muhammad, Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., The Buddha, Mother Teresa, as well as a few more. She understands Martin Luther King Jr.’s words that “hate cannot drive out hate,” and inspires those who watch her speech to understand and believe in those words as well.

While I was left in awe of her strength and eloquence while watching this speech, what I felt the most, as I am sure was her intention with her speech, was inspiration and empowerment. I was inspired to keep going, to continue to use my voice as often as necessary and appropriate for justice, peace, and equality. I was also inspired to stop taking my freedom for granted but at the same time to keep fighting for freedom until equality for everyone is achieved.

So today, Malala Day, I am taking up my “pen” (well, cyber-pen) as Malala suggests because I can and because it is my right as a global citizen. I am writing to encourage others to take up Malala’s cause and empower themselves and others through education and using their voice to push against the status quo. I am, as Malala said, “call[ing] upon our sisters [and brothers] around the world to be brave, to embrace the strength within themselves and realize their full potential.”