Paper Doesn’t Mean Boring

~”If you want a good idea, start with a lot of ideas.” -Linus Pauling~

I started this “RLCreations” adventure with the idea of creating a card business. While the idea wasn’t bad and the cards I created didn’t entirely suck either, I have a confession:

I hate cards.

I have always hated cards.

I was terrible at giving them growing up and despite the fact that I still have shoe boxes full of old cards I received through the years, many times they were not much more to me than glorified money-holders to me.

So why did I decide to start a “business” creating something I found asinine?


Maybe… but there are probably other factors at play as well.

Two major explanations I have for my uncharacteristic and unfulfilling idea are: I had an idea for a thank you card that I never made (only prototypes) and felt like I needed a more legitimate venture before I could pitch the idea to that market (read as: I got scared) and I have a deep love of beautiful paper and making cards was the first (and only) thing I thought to do with it. As any good designer knows, plan A is always the best plan…

So I am announcing today that I’ve stopped making cards. They became too tedious and the labor was not a labor of love. What I’m left with, however, is a love of beautiful paper and an over-abundance of said paper. Hmmm… what a terrible spot to be in.

Therefore, I have been asking myself the question of what I should do with this love and well-stocked inventory? Rather than answer it with something concrete, I’ve decided to explore new ways of using paper that isn’t the standard scrapbooking and card-making avenues in pursuit of more creative ways of displaying such 1-dimensional beauty. Stay tuned to see my more creative paper-creations in the future!


One of my many attempts at finding a new way to use paper.


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